Ellies Annual Reunion

For the past 24 years I have had a reunion.
Here gathering all my students, who are scattrered throughout the United States, to come and share, to teach and update on how they are serving in spiritual work.

It all began when my dear friend and mentor, Elwood Babbitt, invited me to do a workshop with him in Vermont. My group here in Memphis were very excited to go and to meet Elwood and to have a reading of their akashic records. My students in New York
hearing of this also wanted to join us...The south meets the north. To describe this unity of instant friendship was amazing to us all.

Before leaving Vermont arrangements had to be made to do it again. Finding a half way point was in Marion Va.at a state park named. Hungry Mother. It became our annual home for 16 years each autumn.

We enjoyed a full week of intense classes. Each year our numbers increased.
In 2012 we moved to our new home at Whispering Woods Conference Center, in Olive Branch, MS.

As a teacher, it is the highlight of the year for me. I must admit how proud I am of them all. Through the years seeing their growth, loyalty and devotion and projected life's work. Each so unique and with different gifts and interests yet so willing to share. We have to squeeze a lot a in the 4 days, where before we had a week.

I was concerned earlier this year, wondering if the virus would cancel our plans
but we are on go and all looking forward to being together once again.

Below are the images from Reunions in our early days. If you want to view more photos of reunions thru the years, click here.