Welcome to Ellie’s Corner

MamaEllieLR-1Ellie Fristensky, lovingly known by her students as “Mama Ellie”, is an internationally renowned spiritual and metaphysical teacher, trance channeler & medium, and author. She has been a respected and sought-after teacher of metaphysics for over thirty years. She is the author of “Guided Steps: From the Unknown to the Known“.

Her enduring spiritual legacy includes an impressive and important archive of more than thirty years of recorded and transcribed channelings, as well as the founding of the Love Center, a non-profit organization for teaching psychic development, metaphysics, healing and spiritual advancement in Huntington, Long Island, New York where she met her first teacher and mentor, Eileen John and Carmen Decease. Mama Ellie was also an US Ambassador to the International Spiritual Federation. Through the years Mama Ellie has had the opportunity to work with other mentors, teachers and famous mediums such as; Elwood Babbitt, Robert Brown and Peter Close.

Mama Ellie is available for lectures, workshops and private Soul Readings. Mama Ellie’s Soul Readings offer individuals the opportunity to learn about past lives, soul guides, experiences from birth to present and can sometimes include a visit from a loved one in Spirit. Soul Readings are by appointment only.

*Please contact Mama Ellie if you are interested in scheduling a Soul Reading or booking her for your event.

Through the Eyes of Love

 Love is the power of light – light that will bring forth the truth and the wisdom into the minds and hearts of those who are seeking – seeking not only for the fulfillment of oneself but for the fulfillment of others. For it is only through love can you encourage others to reach their potential and their hearts’ desires.”   ~Master of Perfected Love