Today, I’m Brave!

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i am braveI am very proud to call David Angelo a friend. I met David in 2001 at a retreat given by Robert Brown. He is an amazing man with spiritual gifts and deep compassion. When he introduced his new adventure to me at a retreat with Robert Brown this past summer, I was so touched and proud of his involvement and desire to promote “Today I’m Brave.” I asked him if he would send me 50 t-shirts to give to my group who where attending my yearly Reunion. At his expense, he sent the t-shirts. There were more than 50 that attended, and many were disappointed they did not get a t-shirt to take home. Had I in envisioned there would be 80 in attendance that day, I know he would have sent that amount.

David was thrilled with the picture we took at the reunion, holding the t-shirts up for all to see. He hopes to use the picture on his website! All that have viewed his video were touched and inspired, and have said that they will support David and his desire to make each day, a day that we can say, “Today I was Brave.”