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Contact Ellie to schedule a Soul Reading. The cost $150.00

What is a Soul Reading?

th (42)As president and founder of the Love Center in New York I undertook many challenges but I never read cards, it was mostly lectures, workshops, discussion groups, regressions, mediumship and channeling. It was a weekly undertaking that I throughly enjoyed. I was surrounded with devoted people who gave freely their energy to all those who came seeking.

Peter Close introduced me to the psy cards while we were in Egypt and demonstrated how he used them for teaching in his classes, a mini three card spread. Strangely these cards spoke to me the moment Peter gave me his deck and asked me to do a reading for him.

It was not until I moved to Memphis and started my first class did I begin to do readings with my students, thanks to them, their inquisitive minds asking questions like: past lives, guides, getting messages from past love ones, and with the help of my own guides, I began other avenues to help people. I created what I now call a “Soul Reading” and have for over twenty years now opened it to public.

I request an hour to hour and a half, sometimes two, in order to complete the reading, which is all taped. Opening up the Akashic Records, here influenced by Elwood Babbitt, we go into past lives, places lived, occupations, special gifts or talents. It always pleases me when people will say ” that has really helped me understand myself”. They are also introduced to their Soul Guide. This was given to me from Spirit, that although through a lifetime a person may have many guides and teachers, our soul guide enters with us and departs with us, and their main purpose is to protect and lead us to fulfill our life’s mission or karma. They can not interfere with our free will but will provide or guide us to teachers or open doors to assist us, if we but listen.

The next part is soul experiences one has lived to the present time. This too can often allow a person to better understand their decisions and to face the fact that these choices were made of our own free will. We most take response ability for those choices and not put blame on others and to console ones self that at that time you felt that decision was in your best interest. If they were not the right choices then own up to it and move on. The exception to this is if someone else took control and forced you into a unwilling choice then the karma is theirs not yours. That realization can reveal pain and guilt.

During these readings, after permission from the client, if a past love one wishes to present themselves I provide that opportunity. This visit can often determine the length of the reading for if their loved one has something important to say or information to unveil, I will not close the reading because of time but will finish that part until completed. This to me is often the most healing and rewarding part of the reading. It can eliminate misguided information about death and bring to reality that life is eternal and that our loved ones are only in another unseen dimension. Their love for us is as strong if not stronger and their projected love can be felt if we only open our minds and hearts to that reality.

Contact Ellie to schedule a Soul Reading. The cost $150.00