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2017 Reunion

Photo from the 20th Reunion, September 2017, at Whispering Woods in Olive Branch, MS

20th Reunion

There are times when you run out of words to express the experiences and sharing that has taken place at these reunions.

2017 was a very special one because we celebrated our 20th year together, welcoming so many who have attended almost all and the opportunity to welcome new “petals” to create the union
of the white rose.

I often call our reunion a “spiritual smorgasbord” because of the diversity of my students and friends. It is here they share their Gifts. Often my students need a little push to present a workshop
or lecture and are surprised and thrilled with the compliments they receive for the lessons they shared. This year was no exception.

First I’d like to say a special thanks to all the staff at Whispering Woods Conference center, for their accommodations, meeting rooms and meals.

Our opening is always with a welcoming dinner followed by the official ceremony in the Oak ballroom. This ceremony includes my opening address of welcome where I introduce all those who will be participating. This was followed by our blending circle and the “Lotus anointing”.

Each morning we had a full team of healers. Leading this team was Ann Dickerson. All were kept busy and their healing was appreciated.

We were greeted at each session with Faye playing the gongs. Faye also took many to experience the gong chamber. This chamber is in the Memphis Drum Shop in mid town. A rare experience since I believe it’s the only one.

There were two sessions each day. The afternoon from 1 to 5….dinner…evening session from 7 to 10. Ed, from California, did a mediumship practice workshop and DeeDee did a lecture on crystals and also had a table filled with assorted stones. Dottie had her regular rescue group. Grace did her special spiritual circle and Merlee did a lecture on quantum harmonics, then Jenifer did a lecture on remote viewing. Brad and Stacey did a lecture on the work they are doing in NY with several groups.
David led us in two meditations. Short lectures were given by Daria, Faye, & Christine.

Ed and Joan shared an afternoon with physic exercises which also included flower readings.
Delightful music was provided by Don and Kathy, being joined this year with two newcomers, Laura and Scott.

Each year we are blessed with special guests. This year it was Frank Villalpando, introduced to me by Faye, Frank is a native of the Blackfoot tribe. He is a pierced sundancer, and he gave us much insight as to what the sundance ceremony is, and talked about his precious pipe and native history.

It is wonderful for all to be able to unite under one roof which provides time to share
one on one –  creating a bonding. That has been what spirit has requested of us..
Love….uniting as blend..share..and follow our hearts desire to serve our fellow
man..without judgement….

Our next gathering “of the petals” will be in September 2018
Hoping to see you then.ReunionCakeAnd we all enjoyed the cake with a photo of our program on it!

Photo Memories from the 20th Reunion, September 2017 at 
Whispering Woods in Olive Branch, MS

Photo Memories from the 19th Reunion, September 2016, at Whispering Woods in Olive Branch, MS