Elwood Babbitt

elwood 40125_173135946046068_3924480_n Lasting Friendships

Elwood Babbitt was a very well known medium. He is in the encyclopedia of leaders in the metaphysical world and many called him the second Edgar Cayce. I had the honor and pleasure of calling him mentor and friend.I met Elwood on the insistence of a very popular radio announcer, psychic and tour guide Bryce Bond. Bryce was know for taking tours in search for the holy grail. That evening was a double event for me for I not only listened to Bryce’s lecture but met Dottie Krug, my doorkeeper and best friend now for over 30 years.

To my surprise both Bryce and Dottie had had readings with Elwood.After many phone calls and several disappointments I finally, along with several others got to have my reading with Dr. Fisher, channeled by Elwood. For just over an hour he unraveled my akashic records with information that blew my mind. My second was quite different for a Master Nilka came instead of the usual Dr. Fisher, to ask my permission to use my energy and voice to serve others. Being the leader of the Love Center I was overwhelmed, thrilled and humble of the reunion and connection I would have from that day to this. Elwood too was a bit shocked but welcomed me to a rather unique world, blessed but often to feel separated. As year passed I understood that much more.

elwood bin96Elwood was a regular guest at the Love Center and would stay in my home for over a week at a time, allowing me in the evenings to ask a zillion questions. He was always gentle but direct with his answers, which always included a quote from spirit. Universals laws and respect for spirit was embedded in my mind though his guidance.The first time I experienced speaking for spirit came by way of the Ancient One who chanted. I must admit I was shocked but a quick visit to Elwood’s home assured me I was ” on my way”. He adored hearing the ancient one and requested his presence whenever we channeled together. Working with Elwood was such an awesome treat. His sense of humor and twinkle in his eye gave you the courage to.. just go. He’d often look at me and say” Ok! kid are you ready?”. By his side we spent time in a dimension I could not fully describe, but in following days, months and even years it has sustained my love for this work and I will be eternally grateful to my dear beloved guide, mentor and friend Elwood.

Peace to you profound!

Visit Elwood’s website at: www.elwood-babbitt.com