Peter Close

013Peter Close a dear friend and mentor for over 30 years. I first met Peter through Elwood, they both were featured at a Body Mind and Spirit symposium in Rhode Island, along with Elizabeth Montgomery, Raymond Moody andmany others. I’d never seen a English medium before and Elwood encouraged me to try and make contact with him, which I did to Peter’s shock. Intrupting his breakfast I not only introduced myself but almost insisted he come to New York to be a guest at the Love Center. He did a year later and that friendship has lasted to date.

He was a yearly visitor to my home and the Love Center. Peter joined me on two of my tours to Egypt, it was there that he introduced me tothe psy cards. While waiting for a delayed flight back to Cario he did a mini reading for everyone in the tour. Upon our retun home Peter gave me his deck and I have been using them ever since, but as he kindly has said “taking it to another level”. Years of conversations both in my home and also his home in England has provide me with guidance and widsom, which I am deeply grateful for. He is retired now in Thailand and I miss his visits and advice and personal readings.