Hopiland, Sedona and Grand Canyon

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IMG_0124I have been very blessed that during these 80 plus years, I have done a lot of traveling, seen sights and places I dreamed about or read about. Each having a special memory.  Some sites almost to hard to described and have given me an insight to different life styles and customs. Every country having a beauty of its own, but sometimes I forget what our glorious country has. Each state offering a personality and heritage of its own. I have lived and visited all states on the east coast, lived in the mid west and gone from north to south, and traveled the coastline of the west and now, finally have settled in the south.
          Last year I went to Utah and now I have just returned from Arizona. I had three wonderful companions, Faye, Phillip and Vincent. Without their help I would not have been able to see and experience all that I did, since getting around is more difficult. Yes, the weather has very hot but sights of Sedona and especially the Grand Canyon seem to overcome that discomfort. How does one describe the canyon…you simply can not! Every turn of the head creates another wonder. It was breathe taking and hard to imagine how this wonder was even created. I think a must to see for everyone.
          The highlight, for me, was having the opportunity to spend two days in Hopiland. Faye and Phillip have become great friends with John, Eddison and Karen and other Hopi’s. My exposure of Indians has been through the movies and out of our history books. I have been told I have some Cherokee blood through my Great Grandmother.
          I was blessed to have had the opportunity to sit in the home of an elder and council, listen and able to ask questions. i asked many. What a treasure to hear him speak of their beliefs, prayers and respect for our world, yes, I do mean world, for their prayers include all of mankind.
          It was especially meaningful for me. No where else could I have found the confirmation of the work I have been doing for the past 30 plus years. My respect and gratitude for this special tribe is boundless. Their simplicity of life, spiritual respect for life and land is heart felt. As we were leaving the reservation, we were able to see a special dance, colorful , meaningful and inspiring. Wow! it all was so wonderful and I’m filled with memories that will be ever lasting.