Gongs and the Ancient One

NEW DVD – Soul Orchestration DVD by Mama Ellie channeling the Ancient One andSonicMassageFayeHenry Faye Henry on the Gongs, recorded at the Memphis Gong Chamber in Memphis, TN. “This is the only place in the world you can experience the vibration of the unique 84″ Paiste Symphonic Gong, joined by a 60″ Symphonic Gong on one side and the 60″ Sound Creation Gong on the other side. And accompanied by numerous other Paiste gongs ranging in size from 16″ to 40″ in the same room. Talk about surround sound, it makes for the most incredible sound and vibration you can imagine.”

I first met Faye at a session she was doing at First Unity Church here in Memphis. I had head alot about this lady from my student Cheryl Yarbrough. I’d never heard of anyone who played the gongs and must admit I was intrigued. It was a wonderful experience and very healing. To my delight I had time to talk to Faye and asked her if she could come to our reunion. She and Cheryl ( playing the Tibetian bowls) created a atmosphere of tranquility in uniting us all for the week ahead. Everyone’s reaction was the same as mine…awesome.

Faye is a sweet lovely calm and devoted worker for spirit. Her gentle manner and warm smile almost insists you become her friend. For me it was that ” we have known each other from the past” and I’m so thrilled we have reunited in this lifetime.

SoulODVD72DPIFaye invited me to come to the gong chamber, (the only one of it’s kind in the world). She comes into Memphis the last weekend of each month and has a huge following here, holding three sessions each Saturday. At the reunion Faye head me channel the Ancient One, which ignited a spark in her to combine my chanting with the gongs. This was a firstfor us both and I admit I was a bit nervous wondering if the Ancient One would make an appearance. To my delight he did and the results are now captured on both a dvd and cd. Faye was allowed to ask the Master of Sound several questions. It is our hope that this endeaver will help in the soul healing of all who listen, maybe even our country, and dreaming beyond……. to the world.

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