Guided Steps: From the Unknown to the Known

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I’ve had a long and difficult week, having had several readings with parents who have lost their children. It never gets easier to console and assure parents that their precious ones are well and able to be around them from spirit.

I got into bed and was unable to sleep, reviewing the exchanges that had taken place. I began to drift back to when spirit took my hand and led me on this journey. I was again reminded that many times my personal spiritual guides and the master teachers I channel have encouraged me to write a book. Why would I write a book, especially about myself and my experiences?

After thirty years of working with spirit, I believe I have much to share about how my life has been guided. As I have taught others about spirit and mediumship, I have come to know much about the doubts and fears we all have in our lives. As I have brought through loved ones from the spirit world I have watched as hope developed in the eyes of the grieving persons who came for those readings. I’ve watched them become suddenly aware that there is more to our lives here on earth and after death. So many of my students started out seeking a lost loved one and our readings opened doors they never knew existed. I wanted to improve their tomorrows and give meaning and understanding to their lives, ­­­to help them grow from tragedy and loss to lives of hope and fulfillment.

Unlike many other mediums you may have heard about, as a child I did not see spirit or hear voices. As you will read, I was a mischievous child who loved adventure and wanted to discover everything about life. I became a wife, a mother and a grandmother who makes a mean cheesecake! I am basically your average neighbor who shares the same cares and concerns as everyone else. But I have been given a gift that I can use to help others in a special way.

I share my life in this book to show that a medium is just an average person who lives a normal life but who, by the guidance of spiritual teachers, develops an inner knowledge or ‘sixth sense’. As you travel with me you will come to appreciate the title of my book: ‘Guided Steps from the Unknown to the Known’.

As my life was unfolding and challenges were presented, without question or thinking, I plunged ahead. Nothing seemed impossible, doors opened, and help appeared. It was like climbing a ladder of spiritual growth towards the work they wanted me to do, each step well planned. Testing me at every turn, they were gentle and kind and inspiring and uplifting. Spirit does not spare us our life lessons. In metaphysics we say “nothing is by accident”. The secret is in how we deal with these crisis situations. At the time we may feel so alone, willing to put the blame on others and make all kinds of excuses. We feel grateful when we talk to someone who has suffered through the same problems. But when we realize, truly realize, that an unseen or unknown force is ever present, loving us, guiding us, and helping us, our lonely and guilty feelings begin to disappear. It is that hug of security, that hand in your hand, that overcomes darkness; that inner whisper saying, “I’m here”; that safe feeling like being tucked into bed at night; that gentle wiping of your brow when you are ill; that loving and caring parents kiss of reassurance, love and protection.

When you know that, feel it, sense it, and believe it, than the ‘UNKNOWN BECOMES THE KNOWN’. May you find this richness in your own life’s journey!