Trance Channelings

Mama Ellie is a trance channel, or trance medium. She channels a teaching group of Master Teachers known as THE FORCE. Along with THE FORCE, there is another entity, known as the lovingly as TEACHER, who comes in after the Master has given a message. The TEACHER works with the group and answers questions about the Master’s message. Then there is the ANCIENT ONE, who works with the vibration of sound. The Ancient One will enter the room as the sound of the wind and then begins to chant. A new DVD with Mama Ellie, the Master of Sound, and the Ancient One chanting in the Gong Chamber in Memphis TN, with Faye Henry will be available for purchase soon.

Mama Ellie has been channeling THE FORCE for over 25 years. All channeled material has been recorded and transcribed. We are in the process now of gathering the channeled material and preparing it to be published later this year. All the channelings will also be made available on this website in a searchable database.

Here are a achanneling from the Masters of THE FORCE. If you are interested in reading more channelings, you can order Mama Ellie’s Book, “Guided Steps, From the Unknown, to the Kinown” here. Enjoy!

Guardian of Your Soul – CHANNELING SESSION ON 10/15/05

Ancient One Comes In First

From the shadows of the past I enter into the present moment of what you perceive as time or the moment, and I find it an extreme pleasure to be allowed to enter into your united presence, not only of thought, but of desire.  For in this earth dimension of which you dwell the darkness of thought seems to be permeating into an escalated time, and therefore I, as the Guardian of Your Eternal Soul come within your presence to perform a preservation of the  inner goodness of self.

This might confuse you at the moment, but because of the elements that seem to be arising in your earth at the present time, those of you who have become the children of light need to have an even greater incentive to protect that aspect of vibration.  For you my beloved ones use this energy not for self, but in the environment of those who are seeking, and we of The Force delight in having the opportunity to embrace and to unfold those that seem at the moment to want to blend and want to be a part of.

In the years that we have come into your presence you have spoken to many.  Words of wisdom we have tried to bestow upon your inner thoughts.  Unbeknownst to the physical form we of The Force also can align and alter many eternal vibrations within yourself, and it is not for you to question or ask for it has nothing to do with the physical form.  It has more to do with the soul.  And the soul my children is the greatest lift.  It is beyond the words, and the most eloquent speaker could not even give you an insight into the glory of what dwells within this physical body that you walk among the earth.  Each of you unbeknownst to yourselves,  some are aware, others may not be aware, have chosen and taken certain steps  in the growth of the soul from its infancy to its present time, and you have traveled many roads, you have pondered many thoughts, you have taken many actions and you have inter-reacted with many.

Oftentimes we have observed that what you perceive as insight or internal abilities seem not to be defined within your conscious mind, and therefore,  you often question with doubt certain thoughts that come into your conscious mind, certain feelings you feel within the physical body, and it is I who have taken the responsibility of the protection of your soul’s energy.  If  it be known, each of you would know me, not by vision but by vibration.  In times when you have sat among my great classroom we have discussed how one can be able to communicate with you when you have incarnated into another physical form.  It is not an easy task.  For when the doubts of mind and the feeling of inadequacy begins to filter into your conscious thoughts, rather than taking the step forward, you too often take the step backward.

As each of you sit within your seats this evening, there are now surrounded by you 380 masters that have come to join you this evening.  And each shall be working with your vibrational levels in every aspect from the birth of your soul to the present time.  Oh, you will not feel it within your physical form, you will not be able to sense it, nor will you be able to even vaguely imagine what I have requested to take  place.  It is because of this importance that I have called upon the entire Force to gather among you.  They shall in their own individual ways begin to work on certain vibrations, energies, create thoughts and visions.  But it is you, within your Divine Self that will be able to unfold them, to birth them, to bring them forth into the conscious mind to allow the words to be spoken to others  who you know within your sense of feeling even need your kind word, your helping hand or to stand even if just beside you.

So we have come this evening to create an energy of encouragement for each of you wish to accelerate in that deeper energy within yourselves.  We have adjusted the inner sight.  We have altered certain energies within the physical heart.  We have created many vibrations within the upper chambers of what you  consider your higher self or the inner ability of living without the knowing.  It would be difficult for us to begin to reveal to each of you the master plan or to give you insight as to what may be the future days in this individual life.  And I wish to stress not on that longevity but to stress more upon the moment, yes the moment.  For it is this moment in time that we wish to capture.  Each of us within the force have come to know many in a very endearing and knowing way.  And yet even through that there are still oftentimes that there is a pattern of not completely stepping forward or even that inner thought process of that projecting your energy up to.  I implore you.  I seek of you.  I wish to expound and to bring forth not the conscious mind, but here to become in contact directly with the soul.  The soul is a living energy.  It is a creative energy. It is an everlasting existing energy.  But like any energy it needs igniting,  it needs tender care, it needs to be able through the words of self to breathe the etheric air that surrounds you when you so desire it the most.

We of the force this evening have entered into your vibration in the gowns of the color of which you know as purple.  Here representing more to you rather than ourselves the soul creativity, and I as your Guardian of Your Souls must begin to now verbalize more  in to allow the mind to hear the conscious words of the reality of truth.  It is important that each of you sitting here take a moment to search that soul, feel it, feel its life force, feel its  truth, feel  its love, feel  its desires, and above all feel its existence within yourselves.

One might ask, but how do I connect or how can I totally begin to understand this that you call soul?  It would be hard in your language to put that in the most defined and extreme clarification.  For you my children are very limited in your words, and oftentimes your words have duo meaning.  But when we speak of the soul there is only one word, perfect.  Yes, I repeat perfect. It is oftentimes only your doubts and fear that begin to layer or put a crust upon the soul not allowing it to breathe and to live and be fully expressive.

So we of The Force this evening wish to remove any form of crustation that might be formed around the soul.  Where does this so called soul dwell?  In every moment of every thought, of every desire, of every movement, of every aspect of life  and every form of life.  But you might ask why have we chosen you?  Many of you even at this particular moment are asking yourselves, why me?  But the importance is we have chosen you.  Maybe you feel your inabilities.   We shall alter that.   Maybe you may perceive as a shyness or an attitude of doubt within yourself.   We shall alter that.   Is the force limited?  We are unlimited, but our hands are tied and bound if we do not have your cooperation.  Can you raise a mountain?  Can you create the sky?  Can you manifest a river?  Surely you would answer no, and yet the truth is that you can.  The mountain is reaching to that quality of yourself that oftentimes you keep hidden.  The ocean is oftentimes the unknowing desire to allow that energy to flow,  but as a seedling who at that point in life is not able to view the full blossom will allow through gentle hands  be placed within the earth, and with the encouragement of the physical rain unto the earth will allow this seedling to begin to break through the dimension of earth.

Each of you this evening I call upon that seedling that is within the soul.  We of The Force shower you with the nourishment of the divine water of wisdom to allow you to break the barriers to reach forth and to become those blossoms of truth.  You might ask, do we of The Force create this energy to all of man?  And I would respond by saying, we try.  But it is only in the gathering for the unity of thought with  this significant purpose of projecting oneself do we begin to see a flicker of hope.  Have you strived to make changes?  Yes you have.  Have you strived to become and to try to understand what you can absorb?  Yes you have.  Have you completed that soul mission, that drive that unquestionable drive?   I doubt that there is any who could answer that honestly, Yes.  But my loved ones you are not alone.  You have been told from the most earliest times that we have come to address you, that we are here with you, that our love surrounds you, that our desire for your fulfillment grows with each breath that you take.  One might think gazing upon the multitude of souls within the earth vibration how we chose you.  It really was quite simple.  When the soul desires an advancement or change,  it is like a beacon of light or sound that lifts within the etheric knowledge.  It is then that the names are written upon the stone of life, and we observe the individuals.  We look deeply not into the physical eyes, nor do we observe the physical form, but we delve more and look more deeply into the soul energy for here is your truth, here is your being, here is what is of the totality of your unity in the oneness, the creative divine perfection.

So again I repeat, the word for your soul is perfection.  For that is how we view you at this time.  I can see the eyes twitching.   I can see the facial expressions.  I can hear the voice of doubt, but we have come to support you this evening and allowing  you that privilege to begin to see that aspect of yourselves.  One might ask, what are the challenges that we of the force are setting before you?  And you might be surprised at the response.  To be open, to recognize self worth, and to be willing to become united with the energy of perfection.  Does this mean that you will stand out among your fellow man?, No.  But will they seek you out?  Yes.  For when you begin to work in that vibration you have the ability to contact and communicate with souls on a different vibrational energy.  You can speak whatever words that you may,  but oftentimes they can become confusing, unwarranted, and in silence oftentimes the unspoken word is stronger, more abiding and willing to create that togetherness that you seek.  In doing this do you give up your individuality, No.  For that individuality is in its perfection as well.   So those of The Force who number in great numbers are encircling your energies this evening.  All that you have heard of, all that you have spoken with, all that have observed, all that have come even in silence to observe are here this evening.  All that shall come in the future and all that you shall see in the time when being united with us will be our pleasure.

Oh my loved ones,  know that you are loved,  know that we need you in this physical form,  know that life is filled with opportunities and if you allow the energy of perfection within your soul to burst like the seedling into the blossom, it shall permeate every avenue within your physical form, in your subconscious form,  in the higher energy of yourself and in so doing allow us the honor and the privilege to connect and to become a team, a team in the creation to bring upon peace and love into the consciousness of your fellow man.

As I speak on behalf of my brethren, as I speak of all of us within the brotherhood of love and truth, I humbly say to each, to express my gratitude, to express my full awareness.  Oftentimes the difficult steps that you walk within, but you have overcome, you have endured, and it is time now to accept the responsibilities to go forward, to be the voice, to be the eyes, to be the sounds that  we can embellish and enhance in the future days not of the moment, but in all future days to come.  We salute you, but above all we honor and respect that perfection of your soul.

So  I  as the Guardian of Your Soul announce to each, I am ever present, and I shall with the aid and the assistance of all of the force to work with you, to encourage you and to bring forth for all to see that divine perfection of your glorious,  loving and delightful energy of your soul.