My Creed


My Creed by Mama Ellie

I believe in God, the Creator. I see His masterpiece in life, His display of colors in animals, flowers, plants and trees. I see His strength in mountains, granite and marble, His movement in the oceans and rivers, His assurance of miracles in the dawning of each day, the peace of sleep at night, and the nourishment of each raindrop and the reality of eternal life by the changing of the seasons.

I believe I have lived before, being both male and female, of all races, and all religions.

I believe our souls never die, nor do memories of loved ones go unforgotten.

I believe in spiritual guides and teachers, who if allowed, will guide you to fulfill your soul desires.

I believe we can communicate with passed loved ones, who like our guides, are always there if we but listen.

I believe there is goodness in every person, but greed, power and authority could consume their sight, and they would walk alone in darkness.

I believe everyone has inner sight, a third eye that slumbers, but if awakened can see the unseen.

I believe in free will, our God-given right to make choices, never allowing anyone to have full control over us.

I believe in love, the true gift, the jewel of compassion, the gold of forgiveness, and the silver of understanding.

I believe that we of Light can be the ants, tiny in size, billions in numbers that can move the mountains of hatred, discrimination, dishonesty, and fear.

My peace to you profound!