About Mama Ellie

“You are like the wings of time, waiting for the command or encouragement. What challenges could you not meet? What hope could you not fill? What dream could not be seen?”             —- The Guardian of the Seasons—

Now a widow of six years, Mama Ellie devotes her time to her goals of spiritual awakening to those seeking. She has a weekly class, which has been on going for 35 years. Mama Ellie currently resides in Olive Branch, in the Memphis Mid-south area.

Mama Ellie

We are aware everyone has a gift, some wish to pursue and develop it, others desire to close it and others fear it. My awakening to spirit started, like most, with a reading by a well known psychic Eileen John, I was shocked at the end of the reading, which provided very accurate information, I was told I had very strong psychic abilities.

Simply out of curiosity,  Joan Mullen and I, joined Eileen John’s development class. This lead to another teacher Carmen DeCesare who broadened our knowledge, then I was introduced to Elwood Babbitt and later Peter Close. Little did I realize how spirit was guiding my development. This lead to my founding, along with Joan Mullen and Ida Longobardo, (our fellow student) to create the “Love Center.” A heaven for friendship, classes and understanding. It was a first on Long Island, for many seekers to gather.

This Center remained open until several years ago.That connected has remained due to an annual reunion. This opportunity providing all past and new students to participate in a week filled with sharing, giving and enhancing our spiritual connections.