19th Reunion 2016

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On September the 23rd I awaited in the Whispering Woods lobby to welcome the many who arrived for our special extended weekend reunion. People from so many states arrived eager and excited to see old friends and looking forward to making new ones.

It is amazing how each reunion throughout these past years have taken on a special personality, Students presenting new gifts, experiences and happy to participate with lectures, workshops, healings and personal conversations. Each year our spiritual family grows and special friendships are established.

We have several traditional things we do at our opening ceremony, like the Lotus Oil Anointing  and the Circle of Connection. This year was an extra treat, Robert Brown, my dear friend and an International Medium, was with us for the entire event. He did many private readings and two group sessions. Also a lecture, which we all enjoyed, allowing us to see his humor and hear many stories of his journey’s. Another treat this year was to welcome Rebecca, not only to the reunion, but to welcome her on her first overseas visit from the Netherlands. The night before the opening several of us gathered for a private engagement party for  our Jim and his beloved Rebecca.

img_1818Our healing room was open each morning for all to enjoy. Ann was in charge of our wonderful healers. Other morning activities were going to the Gong Chamber at the Memphis Drum Shop with Faye and a Rescue Circle lead by Dottie. A medicine wheel by Merlee, lectures by Dee Dee, Brad, Cheryl, Faye and Don were wonderful. A workshop by the ladies of the Psy Class, Sheila, Laura, Renee, Cheryl, Dee Dee and Merlee was a lot of fun. There were also very moving meditations by David.

0924161323-1One huge highlight was Don and Kathy. Don and Kathy were professional performers many, many years ago, which I learned from many personal conversations with them. They looked surprised when I asked them if they would consider preforming for us. They were a bit hesitant at first, but agreed.. wow!! What a treat and wonderful surprise for us all. They sure lifted our spirits with sing-along’s and favorites of theirs. Renee did some very special centerpieces for our dinner tables, each representing the many names of our special group

19th-reunion-coverEach year selecting a special cover for our programs is a task. This year was exceptional. Merlee, an artist, asked if she could design our cover. It was breath-taking (please see picture). Here too she brought in all the groups, past and present. These reunions started many years ago/ Many have passed away and many were not able to attend for health reasons, but they are always missed and in our thoughts. Throughout the years Spirit has given each one of my groups special names; The River, The White Daisy, The Lilles of the Field, and The Sunflowers. Now you can observe the cover and see how Merlee was able to include everyone in her vision.

I feel so very blessed to have such loyal and dedicated students, past and present. Our work together, growing in our spiritual enlightenment, to serve our fellow man in whatever way Spirit guides us.  At these reunions it is amazing to see the love and friendships that are formed and shared in a loving environment, with total freedom to be ones self, able to express those inner thoughts of wisdom and see their growth, year by year, I’m certain their guides and teachers, like myself, are smiling with delight to see their Lights shining so brightly.

Next year 2017 will be a big celebration, our 20th. Our time is already booked Sept, 22 through the 25th. I have been assured all those who attended this year will be back and hopefully those who were unable to be with us this year will be able to celebrate with us.

See you then…… Mama Ellie