18th Reunion

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18threunion.jpgMaybe it was because we missed last year that everyone was so excited to be together again, but this years reunion was special for us all.

Our attendance broke last years numbers. On Sunday we had 80 who enjoyed this special day. John, our Hopi elder, who joined us for the week, was our afternoon speaker. He enjoyed being with us, observing how we celebrate spirit and gifts shared. He talked to us about the Hopi culture which we found we had a lot in common with. We were entertained by Armand and Angelina and have adopted their song. “I Am One”, as our reunion theme song.

I was so proud that some many of my Tuesday class participated by sharing their special interests and gifts. Faye, who helped print our program booklet, played the gongs, but also arranged for several to have a session in the Gong Chamber. KC for sharing her children’s story, which we hope she will publish soon, with Illustrations done by Heidi. Heidi for sharing her knowledge of both stones and flowers. DeeDee, who has almost completed her mastership on crystals and provided so much information about them. Cheryl for her workshop but also all the behind the scene work… collecting funds, shopping and make our beautiful table centerpieces filled with yellow roses, Grace for her beautiful sacred circle that was so meaningful. Her singing was angelic. Lisa for her lecture on releasing. Judy for her lecture on automatic writing and the gals from ” Wednesday at Ellie’s” brought some fun and laughs and meaningful psy-card readings. Lee provided, in the Juniper room, a haven for our healers and for those who were blessed with those gifts. To Dottie and Steve for their rescue circle. Thanks to those who did readings and of course to Hung for his acupuncture to relieve our many discomforts. Lastly to the Force for their wisdom and blessings. Without your help and giving of your time this reunion would not have been such a success.

Yes! plans have been booked for next year…….Sept 23rd to 26th…at our new home, Whispering Woods. I can not express how wonderful their entire staff is. They all love when we come and seem to bend over backwards to fill our wants and needs.

Several of you new ‘petals’, have offered to participate in next years program which thrills me because it will be introducing some new avenues to adventure. Feed back already is coming in with suggestions for next. Many were not aware that people were doing readings, or how to make an appointment to see Hung. There is also a suggestion to have discussion groups. Wow! Such enthusiasm is very exciting! Although we do not have the week long time as we have had in the past, I can assure you I will try to squeeze as much in as possible.

So circle your calendars, start saving and planning……….. and again thank you

With Love, Mama Ellie